Here at East Belfast Dental Clinic we are proud to offer the latest technology in denture design and manufacture. Dentures, or “false teeth”, are removable prosthesis which help replace all the teeth in one or both jaws. They can be a full or complete denture, or partial denture where some of the false teeth are fitted around the natural teeth.

Are dentures right for me?

If you’ve lost your natural teeth, whether from gum disease, tooth decay or injury, replacing missing teeth will drastically improve your appearance and your health.

Dentures are an affordable way to eat and speak again — things that people with all their natural teeth often take for granted. Properly fitted dentures will also bring your confidence back in social situations, fill out your face and restore your jaw to its natural position, reversing the ageing effect tooth loss can have on the appearance.

With a long history of success, dentures offer a convenient, affordable and low maintenance solution to restore the function of the teeth whilst improving your appearance.

What happens once I’ve decided to go ahead with dentures?

Pat Lundy is our in-house Clinical Dental Technician and provides custom fit, hand crafted dentures at the practice. We use the latest techniques and technology in dentures, which look very natural and give you back your smile and healthy appearance.

We carry out a thorough assessment of your bite, your natural smile and how you chew. We discuss what is important to you and what you would love to achieve out of your denture.

Taking all this into consideration, we can prescribe the most suitable, hand crafted denture for you. We also offer express denture repairs, additions to existing dentures, relines, refurbishment of old dentures, denture copies and new replacement dentures. We can also replace lost dentures within 48 hours.

Pat works alongside Peter to ensure every aspect of your care is addressed there and then. Pat has worked in Harley Street, but, as he says…

‘You don’t have to walk a million miles for one of my smiles!’