Composite bonding

Advancements in the quality of materials and ever improving techniques means it is now possible to make major changes to a person’s smile without the need to damage the underlying tooth structure and with minimal or no use of drilling.



The pictures above are an example of what can be achieved. Composite bonding refers to ‘gluing’ or bonding a tooth coloured filling material to individual or multiple teeth. This can be used to repair fractured and worn teeth or to alter the shape of the teeth.

Sometimes only subtle alterations are needed to make a huge difference to the appearance of the teeth. Other times, severely broken-down teeth, where crowns had in the past been the only option can now be restored successfully and cost effectively.

How does this work?

The ‘brush and sculpt’ technique takes bonding to new heights. The latest tooth coloured, hybrid composite uses nano-technology and if placed carefully and correctly can mimic perfectly the appearance of a natural tooth.

The technique uses pre-prepared moulds and an artist’s brush to slowly build the composite in layers as the enamel and dentine are layered in a tooth. The composite can usually be blended seamlessly with the tooth so no join is visible giving a completely natural appearance.

The result is a lovely, long-lasting smile achieved without damaging the underlying tooth structure.