Family dentistry

We believe it is essential to educate children on the importance of taking care of their teeth from an early age and encourage regular visits and good oral hygiene.

We ask parents to bring their children with them from birth so we can work together to help them to make the right diet choices and to teach correct brushing technique.

Although the focus of our children’s care is based on prevention, education and encouragement, we work hard to create a friendly and fun environment. Our dentists have many years of experience at putting our younger patients at ease.

A visit to East Belfast Dental Clinic really is something for them to look forward to, rather than fear.

We are here to help!

Tooth decay is the most common oral disease affecting children and young people in England and poor oral health can affect children’s ability to sleep, eat, speak, play and socialise with other children.

It’s a sad fact but over 26,000 primary school aged kids go to hospital each year,
just because of rotten teeth!

There has never been a better time to get your children off to a great start in oral health – you are preventing them from unwanted hospital trips, tooth decay, pain, infections, gum disease, impaired nutrition and growth, but setting them up for life. We are here to help. Brushing tips, eating healthy snacks, guidance for parents & babies and much much more! Starting your children in their early years at the dentist is the best way to promote great dental health for your child’s future. With advances in technology and research we can now offer a much more prevention based approach to dentistry, educating children on how to care for their mouth in order to head off problems in the future. In this section you will find lots of helpful information regarding educating your child on tooth brushing techniques, eating healthy snacks, guidance for parents & babies and much much more!

Lets get started!

Some children are very reluctant to brush their teeth whilst others love doing it! If you’re falling short of the recommended two-minute brushing mark, then follow some of the tips below to see if this helps with getting them on-board.

  • Children often find mint flavour toothpaste too strong. So fruit-flavoured is fine as long as it contains fluoride
  • Use a ‘smear’ of toothpaste for children under two-years-old and then a ‘pea size’ amount of toothpaste from aged two-years-old and up
  • Encouraging children to floss at an early age, its really beneficial and will help clean areas that cannot be reached by a toothbrush
  • Check out the iTunes award-winning, and NHS-approved, Toothbrush Timer Try out the Aquafresh app on your mobile phone
  • Buy a giant Egg Timer and see who can keep brushing until the two minute timer runs out!

The sooner the better!

It’s important to make tooth brushing part of your child’s daily routine from a very early age, as this regular routine will set them up for life.

How to get Squeeky Clean

  • Clean teeth for two minutes twice a day, and always at bedtime.
  • Clean teeth before breakfast and not after (to remove potential acid forming bacteria that has built up overnight).
  • If brushing after meals, try and wait minutes to give your child’s mouth time to neutralise any acid, brushing sooner will drive the acid deeper into teeth, corroding them faster and further.
  • Encourage spitting out of toothpaste, but never rinse with lots of water as this will wash away the fluoride residue and reduce its protection.