Nervous patients

Why should I apologise for struggling to tolerate dental treatment? Lie back, open your mouth and let a masked stranger poking pointy tools into your teeth and gums.

This was my experience when visiting the dentist, but as a child, I had an awful experience and decided when I grew up I could do a much better job! Do any of the following sound familiar:

•   Old, tired waiting rooms with The Ulster Tatler from 1985 as your only distraction!
•   The dentist muffling a series of letters and numbers. I think to myself: “I wish I knew what an occlusal is.”
•   The dentist picks up a bigger instrument and I hear the sound of the hoover. There’s no going back!
•   Water fills the back of my mouth. I feel like I’m going to drown. I think to myself: “Hurry up and finish, so I can leave.”
•   “My jaw aches. How much longer?”

These are just some of our past experiences. We want to address every potential difficulty you could experience with us. At East Belfast Dental Clinic, we recognise and appreciate how much you have to tolerate. It’s not easy coming to the dentist. We promise not to ask too much of you. We will treat you with respect and understanding if you find any of this difficult.

The benefits of visiting your dentist

Regular visits to the practice mean we can keep an eye on your teeth, so it’s less likely that you will develop any of the major issues that require more in-depth treatments. We feel that the more you visit the easier the process will become and in time you’ll feel as though you are visiting a friend rather than your dental team.