Report finds that parents should take their children to the dentist before their first birthday

Sara Hurley, Chief Dental officer for England, has recommended that infants should visit the dentist when their first teeth emerge, which can be at around at six months. These early appointments should be routine pleasant experiences in which the dentist checks the milk teeth are coming through properly as well as giving advice on diet and brushing teeth. The report is part of a drive by the NHS to try and reduce high rates of tooth extractions among pre-school children.

The recommendations have been backed by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and NHS England which have launched the ‘Dental Check by One‘ campaign, however, there will be no extra funding made available to pay for the proposed improvements.

The Report findings include:

▪ A quarter of five-year-olds have tooth decay
▪ Hurley is asking England’s 22,000 NHS dentists to see an additional four children under the age of two over the next year
▪ Part of the NHS England and Department of Health campaign will be interventions in 13 local authority areas considered to be of high priority for childhood tooth decay
▪ Only 3% of babies were taken to the dentist before their first birthday and less than 12% of children attend before their second birthday
▪ A separate analysis by the Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Dental Surgery found that 80% of children aged between one and two had not visited an NHS dentist in the past year

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